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Monday, December 12, 2011


I made my Works Cited Page into a new page just like my book report so you can find it easily.

Relations to the future

By typing all of this, I have been brought back to the 1994 television series Earth 2. The series is science fiction and takes place in the year 2146. It was only filmed for one season and takes place on a planet "not earth" that is similar to earth to the effect that it is M class(Can sustain human life). Anyway, the people from the series escape their government to the planet to set up a colony for future people to come from the space stations. The story line is way more complex and aired way too soon because the audience didn't have quite the intelligence for the show. But anyway, they travel the planet to reach "New Pacifica" to set up a colony for future settlers and that was basically what the settlers of the 1800s were doing. They suffered and struggled to survive only to set up for future generations. I have a feeling, If the human race is still around, that they will be forced outward away from the planet earth to live on stations barely habitable for human life. This also reminds me of the original Battle star Galactica and how they suffered to make ends meet to survive. Anyway humans have always discovering new frontiers and will continue if permitted.

Then vs Now

Back in the 1800s, society was way more laid back. Less laws, less murder, less people. More land, more kindness, and more beautiful scenery. But all of that is covered up now by huge buildings, laws and governments, cereal killers, larger population, and a Lack Of COMMON Sense. Yes, I said it, LACK OF COMMON SENSE. Sadly, people back then used a more precise language without all of the new found "slang" terminology. I know that I would love to go back to this time period and escape all of the nonsense that surrounds me in this world. That is why I take every chance I can to escape "civilization" and travel to either the mountains to either ski, four wheel, camp, hike, fish, hunt, or any other outdoors activities that I forgot to mention. A few of the downsides to the 1800s are, empty knowledge of medicine, prejudice aginst women, and the wars against the Native Americans. I have a feeling that I would be a lot like Sully on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", a TV series that I have grown to love watching on Why spend money on TV when you can get it for free if you just look? Not quite a rhetorical question. : ) One thing that the 21st century has going for it is the vast knowledge of medicine, however humans only know about 20% of the knowledge we seek.(Don't quote me on that) Equal rights for women was a very large advantage that was gained and has resulted in great historical events and ideas. If humans had ended all of the pettiness long ago, then the problem of the ever diminishing coal that is supposed to only last for 200 more years wouldn't be a problem. But If we had abandoned pettiness long ago, then the coal may have not been diminished so much nor needed. There is a lot of those questions out there, we need only ask.

Equipment needed for Travel

Back in the 1800s, settlers used wagons, oxen, mules, horses, and basic hand tools on the trails. This was not usually considered fun, but hard miserable work.

In the 21st century, we still use equipment to travel places, however the equipment is more advanced and a LOT more fun!
The above picture is of a Poison Spider Customs Rock Buggy that is not something that just anyone can buy. These, such as the wagons in the 1800s were hand made to the do a very specific job. Wagons were used to travel, carry lumber, and to carry people. Now, Rock Buggies and other "built"  four wheel drive vehicles are made for the intentions to travel, carry equipment, carry people, explore, and have a awesome time going places that your neighbors truck won't even consider. People don't realize how easy society should be today. Because in the 1800s, people didn't have the choice to ride in the car or truck, they were fortunate to ride a horse or in the back of the extremely uncomfortable wagon. Today we have planes, helicopters, combustion engines, cushioned seats, and state of the art suspension systems that allow rock buggies like the one above to flex, twist, skid, and roll over terrain that many people would have a hard time walking on. Now the vehicle above is a Jeep, its not the only brand, style, shape, size, or even name out there. There are many other awesome vehicles and manufacturers out there that can do just as much a the name Jeep, some even more. Also keep in mind that the rock buggy above is not made by Jeep, it only has a Jeep hood and grille.
Yah! Its a Bronco!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Reasons for moving westward

There were many reasons that the people of the southeast pulled up stakes and traveled west. Money, land, and exploration were three of the main reasons for moving west in the 1800s. Just as today, jobs and money effected when and where we lived. I love exploration just as my parents do, and I assure you that we would have been in those wagon trains along with many other people. Its a shame that one of the reasons for moving west was to conquer the Native Americans. After all, they were here first. If the government and settlers had simply bought the land from the Native Americans, then yes they would have been down on most likely animals or equipment, but a lot of lives could have been saved. The thing is, that today's Americans still haven't learned.There was a time that the east was the west as the Pilgrims landed on the east coast of America. It's in human nature to explore, and question. Thats partially the reason for war and all its tensions. Its amazing how simple intentions can change to horrible decisions.

One Woman's West

I have finished my book report on "One Woman's West" and hope that I have followed the criteria enough to get a good grade on it. For me, the book was hard to read, but that's mostly because I have a hard time paying attention and the grammar in the 1800s was not as it is today. Once I was able to pay attention, I got into the book and enjoyed reading it. I have always liked watching old western movies and TV shows like "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" or "Young Riders" and this time I read a book, which I might add, was not as fun. Ha ha! Times seem easier back then and I often wish that I could go back in time with the knowledge that I possess. I do realize that by going back in time, the time-line could and most likely would be effected. Yes I'm talking about the butterfly effect. The grandfather effect would also apply because I know that my family moved westward as immigrants. If you or anyone else enjoys westerns or books that used to be journals such as this book, I would suggest that you read "One Woman's West".
This was probably a fairly common sight in the western states as many southern settlers immigrated westward, most of whom followed the Oregon Trail.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Finished My Book

I Just Finished "One Woman's West" which is basically a journal of a woman who lived from 1838-1916. The journal is about her, her many siblings, mother and father, as well as many other family members as they move from Missouri westward throughout their lives.